Music: Evolved

GoToZero would like to announce summer tour dates. We're currently touring as the TommyMarzBand, and you can find us at all the coolest places this summer. We're opening for Starship and Great White during July and August, and we'll be rocking Dougfest after that, and then headlining our own big show at The Loving Touch in Ferndale at the end of August, so all you rock fans that want to see us play live need to head down to Ferndale on the 31st and rock with us! Doors are six bucks, and they'll be going fast, so get there early and check out the great opening acts, too. If you show up around nine pm, don't be shocked when the door is sold out and they turn you away. Just sayin'!

Check out THE LOVING TOUCH. There will be TommyMarzBand and GoToZero merchandise giveaways all night long, and possibly more details on music videos to come, so don't miss the show! It's going to be EPIC!

Rock and roll isn't dead. It lives. This is the evolution of music.

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More info about each show in the links to the right --> Great White Show | Dougfest Show | The Loving Touch

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